Allie (wanderer44) wrote,

LOVE makeing a FOOL out of myself

Love making a fool out of myself while drunk.
This up coming weekend will be 100 percent sober I hope.
I think we are going ice skating Friday like 7 minutes from Goucher. Its tite.
I come home on monday because I have no class tuesday. Holla at that.
I miss home a lot and can't wait to get back and see everyone, have some forced fun and finally get me some lovin.
I have started to work out more... I am on my way to the gym in an hour or so... and then off to Spanish SI, then I have my Tv line up. One Tree Hill at 9 and Rich girls at 9 oclock and then Rich Girls. Holla at that show fo' really.
I got two essays re-done today and did a lot of my spanish work book. I feel acomplished. The only hard part is waking up tomorrow for Math. OUF I have been having a really hard time doing that and it drives me insane. Good times. Back to Spanish work. Must defeat Spanish!
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