Allie (wanderer44) wrote,

To the store and Back

Tonight I had a blast with Rena and Joanna. I love them both so much. We went to the grocery store and back... you would think this would be an ordinary uneventful trip but some how it was a shit load of fun. Joanna bought pants and I bought some unmentionables. It was probably tite. Rena also got (hollerd)-(lauren I know what you are thinking) at by a 9 year old. GO RENA, you hotty! Then another guy with a girl in the car stuck his head out the window VERY obviously, and yes he was in the passengers seat. We must have been loooking damn fine on that eventful towson nite. Let me just tell you , I love the grocery store and I am getting fat! FRESHMAN 15 fo-really.

I am also fucking pissed about this damn HURRICANE SHIT! FUCK IT! I want to go to NC to get some and to see my lover boy. That is all I am asking... so Mr. Hurricane... if you come... can you please just come do about no damage and leave by thursday night? Or how about you chill out on the water and NEVER come? Yeah. Thanks that would be great.

It is only 8:47 and I was invited by Joe to come and drink in some room with the soccer guys. Ouf... I don't know about this one... I am prolly going to say NO b/c I need sleep... I have a freaking 8:30 class and I don't really believe in partying on the week days... call me old fashion. I have a shit load of energy and if Rena didn't have her paper I would be bothering her right now.

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